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Learning To Love Your Baby Bump

DSCN5348ELoving the bump, it is not as easy as one would think. Seriously, all of a sudden you have this awkward bulge from your midsection and you’re thinking “what do I do with this?” You go from having all the right clothes and shoes to hating everything you own. I’ve struggled with just about everything and one day decided to make a change in attitude to stop suffering and start loving.

Of course we love that precious, sweet baby growing inside of us. Although the truth is those pregnancy magazines, and Pintrest photos make the life of a pregnant woman look glamours, and it’s not as glam as you think. I’ve come up with a few ways to give you pregnant ladies some peace at mind with your new bellies and awkward changes.

First things first, what are the changes happening to your body? I’m in month six and i’m going to give you body changes up to now that will change the way you would normally do things. Get ready for a list of not so beautiful changes..

  • Weight Gain: of course your baby is getting bigger, and so will you! You will gain weight in these areas: Face, Ankles, Belly, Breast, Butt. Your breast, and butt will be bigger and fuller than ever before and you will love that, especially if you’re like me and didn’t have much to fill out in either area before being pregnant.
  • Walking/Balance: Once like a ballerina, now you’re like a newborn deer. Your growing belly will now cause you to waddle instead of walk, sometimes it’s very obvious and other times it’s slight and you can get away without anyone noticing. Also your front side is now heavier than the back side of your body causing your spine to curve towards the front to support you. So now you have to be cautious when bending over (if you still can) so you don’t lose balance. Gravity will take advantage of your belly.
  •  Glow? What pregnancy glow? I have yet to see this wonderful glow you read about in the magazines. Skin becomes dry, you get acne breakouts (or blow outs), and skin gets red in all the wrong places. Hair will grow, and grow not only from your head though. Yes I love that my hair is growing longer but I don’t love the hair that grows EVERYWHERE else. You will see new hair on your face, belly, and hands. I have to shave all the normal places, and these new ones. If you don’t remove the hair you could end up looking like a gorilla. Maybe if you have light colored hair you can get away with it all, unfortunately for me I cannot.
  • Leaking: Yep I said it, your body leaks. Not only did you stop having your period(which I know i’m not the only one loving that) your start having discharge to the point you need to wear a small underwear liner, or change your underwear throughout the day. Not to mention holding your pee isn’t an option, you could very likely go a little and not even realize it happened until afterwards.
  • Loss of energy: No longer do you get a boost of energy and decide you want to clean the whole house, make a huge dinner, and all the laundry at once. You will see yourself get lazy, and it begins with your everyday chores that you begin to drag out throughout the week and odd hours of the day. Working will tire you even more than staying at home and watching TV will become your new hobby.
  • Invasion of privacy: Privacy isn’t in your vocabulary anymore. Not only may you have to ask someone to tie your shoes because you can’t reach your feet anymore. You also get to go to those doctor appointments where you get completely undressed to have a doctor feeling on your boobs, belly, and sticking tools, and/or their hands inside of you. At that point you get used to it and you forget you ever had privacy to begin with.

There are some changes that are not so bad with pregnancy including eating about 200 calories more than you should. (You can check your calories for your age, and weight here and then add about 200 to the number you get and that is your new golden number for pregnancy). You get to add a whole other snack to your daily diet!

Learning to love everything about pregnancy is something you have to work on. When your pregnant there are a million things on your mind about the baby and preparing for he or she before they arrive. So making time for your self(while you still have a good chance to) is important. It took me a while longer than it should have that’s why I am here to tell you all how to love that bump so you can love it from the beginning.

  1. Take the time each morning to style yourself to ensure you are 100% confident with the way you look every day. It really does wonders and other people will notice your confidence and beautiful style. That’s the fake “glow” of pregnancy. If you have to change your outfit 10 times, then do it until you find something perfect. Try new things, accessories, new makeup tips, different hair styles. Mix it up and find what you love about your new body.
  2. Talking about your pregnancy is the best way to become more comfortable about it with the people around you. It can help you cope with changes in your body and lifestyle. You can joke about your swelling ankles to friends or make future plans for after birth to join the gym together or go on walks in the park with your baby. No you don’t have to only talk about the baby, you should still be you and have everyday conversations.
  3. Treat yourself, you deserve it. Seriously being pregnant isn’t easy so if you want a treat, have it! Did you work late last week for a co-worker? Buy yourself something small or save that extra money for something big after your birth. Or are you craving that DQ Blizzard? why not have one then? One blizzard won’t kill you, and who knows maybe your baby will even taste it a little and your get to feel all those happy kicks.

Most importantly do not feel bad towards yourself for anything. Yes you’ve gotten lazy and have not done laundry in two weeks, but you will get it done. Rest while you can, sleep in while you can. It could be a few months after birth before you can rest and have time for yourself again so enjoy it while you can, it’s important to. Take everything day by day to overcome anything bringing you down and set a goal by each week to resolve your current problem. Your hormones will keep you busy, loving and hating new things all the time.

Stay strong my fellow pregnant readers and get confident with yourself!


Oil Pulling: Plus or Bust?

Oil pulling has been the rage for teeth whitening along a list of other benefits for years. I came across the idea about a month ago when I started looking into options to whiten my teeth without using something really expensive. Oil pulling is just the process of swishing coconut oil in your mouth for a period of time.

After reading up on oil pulling I learned that it can be very beneficial to your body. I thought “what could hurt?” And headed to the store to pick up some oil to give it a try.

Here is what I was read could happen:

  1. Whiten teeth
  2. Healthier gums
  3. Get rid of bad breath

I’ve been oil pulling for a week now and this is what I have found out:

  1. No it does not whiten your teeth but it does brighten them. It is noticeable after the first time doing it and my teeth feel incredibly clean every day after I oil pull!
  2. Yes gums heal ( I have bleeding gums from pregnancy) and once again they feel clean and healthy.
  3. I’m not sure if it cures bad breath, I was looking more towards morning breath but I did not notice any differences in the mornings after pulling.

How to Oil Pull

From reading multiple articles about oil pulling most people say the same thing. Swish a tablespoon of coconut oil in your mouth for 20 minutes, spit into the trashcan, and brush teeth. I have come up with a much easier way that still gives you the benefits. I recommend using a kitchen spoon and scooping out about half a spoonful. Swish around in your mouth for 5-10 minutes and spit it into the trash(oil may clog drains overtime) then brush teeth as usual.


  • Coconut Oil (any type works) Find what I used here

I’m in the process of trying other uses for coconut oil and it will be in an upcoming post.